Padraig O’Keeffe’s Hornpipe – Mandocello and Guitar – Duet

Padraig O´Keeffe´s Hornpipe – played as a duet on a Collings OM-1 guitar and on a 1924 Gibson K4 mandocello. The K4 is Lloyd Loar period and has a virzi inside.

St. Anne’s Reel – Mandocello Duet on 1916 Gibson K4 and on 1924 Gibson K4 with Virzi

St. Anne’s Reel – a duet played on two Gibson K4 mandocellos.
The left one is a 1916 K4 in orange with Händel tuners, the right one is a 1924 K4 in sunburst red with brown tuners and virzi.
Both instruments have their own character in sound and playing. Each one with its own charm and fascination.

Padraig O’Keeffe’s Hornpipe – Mandocello Duet – 1924 Gibson K1 and 1924 Gibson K4

Padraig O´Keeffe´s Hornpipe – played as a duet on two Gibson mandocellos, K1 and K4, both from 1924. Both Lloyd Loar period with truss rod. The K4 has a virzi inside.

Sandy River Belle – Weber F4 Yellowstone Mandocello

Sandy River Belle – played on a Weber F4 Yellowstone mandocello, sunburst red with oval hole. There is a short glimpse of it at the end of the video.
The tune is originally recorded with the Apple iPhone App “Musikmemos” as a pure sound recording not as a video. The rhythm backing you can hear is a feature of this app.